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The Partaheikki Application Platform is a complete software platform that helps app developers in the development of iOS tracking apps. I designed the platform with always-on 24/7 tracking apps in mind, such as the Moves app that I wrote in ProtoGeo Oy, but it can also be used as a general purpose app SDK for iOS, watchOS, and tvOS apps (all features are obviously not available on all of the platforms).

In addition to the extremely battery-efficient location and activity tracking via Core Location and Core Motion, the platform includes support for HealthKit as well as Bluetooth Smart devices via Core Bluetooth, such as heart rate monitors, and the design makes it very easy to add support for custom fitness, wearable, and IoT devices. I have been developing the platform since 2008 when I started as an iOS developer. Some parts do exhibit their age, your mileage may vary, and there are no warranties implied or expressed as you probably already know.


The platform consists of a set of modular, layered universal frameworks. See the Partaheikki Application Platform Architecture Description for a more detailed description of the functionality included in the platform.

Anatomy of an iOS Tracking App

The platform implements the Tracking and UI Platform layers in the high-level iOS tracking app picture below. The Backend API Client always depends on the backend implementation, although CloudKit makes it possible for developers to create quite generic backends. The platform itself does not require or provide any backend.

Activities is a tracking application written from scratch using the platform in a couple of weeks. It tracks your daily life automatically in the background with negligible battery use. Activities include physical activities, such as walking, running, and driving, as well as the places you visited. Activities also performs simple sleep analysis based on the recorded motion activity of the phone. More advanced sleep and workout tracking can be done with dedicated apps and devices, and included in Activities via HealthKit.

The Activities concept was designed in collaboration with Nordkapp.

More Information & Licensing

Drop me a note if you are interested in hearing more about the platform.
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