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Partaheikki Application Platform

The Partaheikki Application Platform is a complete software platform for the development of iOS tracking apps.


Create checklists using this simple but versatile list app. See the app page for more information. Download Checklists from the App Store.



I co-founded ProtoGeo Oy and wrote the Moves app for iPhone and also parts of the Android version. Moves is the world's first smartphone-based always-on activity tracker that automatically tracks your walking, running and cycling, as well as the routes you took and places you visited. Moves was selected by Apple as the Best App of 2013 in the Fitness Revolution category throughout the world and as the App of the Year in some countries. It was also noted as a surprise hit in Apple's App Store 2013 press release. Moves was acquired by Facebook in 2014.

Client Projects

Some of the projects I have done for my clients are listed here.


Use the Scoopshot app to become a news photographer and earn money with your photos. Snap newsworthy photos with Scoopshot and send them to the Scoopshot store for newspapers and other news media to buy. Scoopshot was selected as the Best Mobile Service in Grand One 2012 and got an honorary mention in the Best UX Design category as well. I wrote the iOS app versions 1.0 - 1.3, and the concurrent Core Data stack in 1.4.

[MKC] I have done a number of projects for Marko Karppinen & Co, LLC. ranging from complete applications to feature increments in existing applications. Please contact me for more details.

Partaheikki Apps

Old apps that I have not had time to update recently.

[COOLPHOTOS] Cool Photos

Explore Flickr photos with a nice Cover Flow -like interface. See the app page for more information.

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